Stress-Free Way for Jewcurious People to Connect with a Rabbi and Community to Answer Your Questions and Support Your Journey

WARNING: If you…

The Jewcurious School may not be right for you.


Then The Jewcurious School might be just the right place for you.

If you’ve experienced one of all of these roadblocks, you know how stressful it can be. and it’s not just frustrating in the moment when you fail to connect: You’re worried this roadblock may be a permanent one, and you’ll never get your questions answered.

You’re worried this may be the end of the road you took because you wanted a deeper understanding of Judaism.

Maybe you’re worried because your heart is telling you that you belong among the Jewish people, but your head (or your family, or some rabbi) tells you it’s not possible, and that you should stop wasting your time.

After all don’t need to be Jewish, learn Jewish wisdom, or do Jewish things to be a good person. But does this answer satisfy you?

Do you really want to give up on that dream?

Can you really ignore that call?

If any of this sounds like you or how you have been feeling, you should know that The Jewcurious School was made for you.

We have:

Because this is a place for all kinds of Jewcurious people:

And we come together from all over the world for learning, community, friendship, understanding, and meaning in an environment free from judgment, barriers, and stress.

No more worrying about how far it is to the closest synagogue.

No more worrying about the high cost that often comes with belonging to Jewish institutions.

No more worrying about whether other people think you belong.

No more worrying about whether you can find a rabbi who’s willing to make time for you.

So…are you with us?


“Rabbi John Carrier was awesome. I have been going through a lot recently in different aspects of my life and he really help put things into a great perspective I could relate to. I know for sure, I am also going to check out services this year with some new ideas and ways to understand it. He really made me feel better about how I practice Judaism, which made me feel great.” – Barry Cohen, Los Angeles, California


“Wonderful teacher with a broad background and insight to help those wanting a deeper understanding of Jewish tradition and a relationship with G-d.” – Victoria Hicken, Atco, New Jersey


“Whether you are Jewish or not, Rabbi Carrier’s teachings encourage you to live your life to your full potential. His methods have helped me immensely in my spiritual and personal life. A must for those seeking spiritual growth.” – Kevin MacIntyre, Los Angeles, California

IMPORTANT: We want to take the risk out of your new commitment to learning…the financial risk, anyway. Any time during the first 30 days of your membership, if you decide The Jewcurious School is not for you, please let us know, and we’ll cancel your membership and give you a full refund. We may ask you a few questions to improve the experience for others, but expect no judgment and no hassles from us.