Are You Jewcurious?

Hello Hero,

Since starting “The Jewcurious Show” podcast, I’ve gotten to know a lot of Jewcurious people. They come from all walks of life, and they tune in for all kinds of reasons:

  • People who are considering becoming Jewish, or have recently converted
  • People who grew up Jewish, but they haven’t been inside a synagogue in years (if ever)
  • People who are committed to another religion, but they just want to know more about Jewish people, and perhaps the Jewish roots of their own faith
  • Or people who are simply seeking, searching for a path that’s right for them, and they’re curious about what Judaism and the Jewish people have to offer

What these diverse people have in common: Curiosity, respect for Judaism, and a deep desire to learn more and maybe even apply what they are learning to improve their own lives today.

If you’re here, you’re telling me something about you.

By coming here to find out more about The Jewcurious School, you’re telling me you’ve got the idea that learning about Jewish wisdom and traditions – and connecting with other people just like you – can help you live a life of greater meaning and joy.

You’re telling me you intend to try and unpack millennia of sacred writings and join in the holy chorus of questions about our purpose in this life.

You’re telling me that perhaps you’ve been on this quest for a long time, and you’ve hit a few roadblocks and dead ends along the way.

The Jewcurious School is designed to illuminate your path, introduce you to new friends to travel with, and help you clear away those roadblocks.

Maybe you’ve had a question about the right way to do something. You Googled it, and you came up with different answers, with no clear guidance as to the path to choose. Maybe the answer you got was, “This is the right way for us, but it’s not for you.”

No more. You may experience frustration as you wrestle with the new things you learn, but you will not be frustrated by someone saying, “This is the only right way. Deal with it, and stop asking questions.”

What you can look forward to instead:

  • Enjoying live, interactive learning where you can ask all the questions you like, whether or not you currently have access to a rabbi or even live close to a Jewish community
  • A library of recorded classes where you can see what you missed or go back to better understand what’s important
  • Downloadable guides and mini-courses on particular subjects you care about
  • An interactive community of like-minded learners who can share their advice and support along the way (and who you can help, too)

That could be your new normal.

And that’s important to me, because chances are, I’ve been where you are. I started learning about Judaism when I was about 24 years old. A year later, I converted. Every question you’ve had: I’ve had, too. Now, as an ordained rabbi with 18 years of study since then, it’s my honor (and purpose) to answer the questions and guide the learning of people who are where I was – square one, and every square from there to here.

I’ve been doing that in a synagogue, in classes, and online for over four years now. And today, I can’t wait to see the community of learning and friendship that we’re going to build together with The Jewcurious School.


Rabbi John Carrier

PS…The Jewcurious School is now accepting intrepid early-adopters to help us “beta-test” the platform. If you’ll pardon our dust, put up with the occasional techno-gremlin as we improve the site, and give us copious feedback through active participation in the Community forum, we’ll show our gratitude by letting you lock-in a deeply discounted tuition for as long as you remain a member. Curious? Click the button below to take advantage.