Who Are We?

About The Jewcurious School

The Jewcurious School is founded on 5 core beliefs:

  1. Everyone, everywhere has the ability and the right to grow.
  2. Everyone, everywhere desires the experience of a living a meaningful life.
  3. Everyone, everywhere desires the experience of joy.
  4. Everyone, everywhere benefits from greater human connection.
  5. There exist within Jewish tradition wisdom and practices that have evolved (and continue to evolve) to provide robust, resilient, and enduring principles for human connection, joy, meaning, and personal and communal growth. Furthermore, these principles are available to everyone, everywhere.

The purpose of The Jewcurious School is to:

About the Founder

Rabbi John Carrier teaches people how to find meaning, joy, personal growth, and human connection by engaging with Jewish wisdom and traditions. But he didn’t start out on that path; in fact, his father was a 3rd-generation Southern Baptist minister.

However, after marrying into and living in a Jewish family for several years, Rabbi Carrier joined the Jewish people in 2000. Following a mid-life (quarter-life?) career change from business consulting, he went back to school and was ordained by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in 2014. Following ordination, he served as spiritual leader for Burbank Temple Emanu El for four years.

Rabbi Carrier is author of the new book, The Promised Life: Overcome Your Crisis and Find Your Purpose with Seven Gifts from a Time-Tested Tradition. Today Rabbi Carrier teaches Jewish and “Jewcurious” people worldwide online through YouTube and his podcast – The Jewcurious Show – as well as the Miller Introduction to Judaism program and the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. Coming full circle, he also now serves on rabbinic courts for conversion.

If you have a question for Rabbi Carrier about The Jewcurious School (or any other Jewish topic), please contact us: